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Tell me if this has happened to you. You have a question about Dungeons and Dragons that has been gnawing at you and your group. Maybe you are a player confused about a weirdly worded rule, or a Dungeon Master (DM) stuck in a painfully specific narrative corner in need of a little advice on where to go next. So like any sensible person in this modern age of free information, you turn to your favorite online forum in search of some answers. Then it happens. Boom. Like you never expected. Your well thought out inquiry is buried under a heap of posts where people scream at each other about the pronunciation of the word ‘Drow,’ Edition Warriors, a Sonic the Hedgehog OC, and someone’s poorly edited personal manifesto on why Bards have no place in D&D. You have no responses, no help, not even one fucking second of focus for someone who honestly needs a hand. That’s where we come in.

Dix, Ethan, Matt and Max, four Dungeon Masters with a wide array of experience and their own distinct styles, will brave the dark depths of the internet to unearth your questions, only getting a little distracted along the way. Look, sometimes you have to settle an argument or take a side-quest along the way. It’s pronounced drOW, like ‘ouch I just got hit with a bolt’, not dROW like that shit you use to make old ass boats move. I needed that out of my system.


Who the Hell Are We?

Help Action is lucky enough to have four knowledgeable and experienced Dungeon Masters as hosts. “But,” I hear you say “Four hosts sounds like a lot for a podcast.” To which I reply “Who the fuck asked you?”


Dix has been playing D&D for just about 5 years and has been a professional Dungeon master for the last six months. He is now a DM for the acclaimed pop up tavern Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! and plays Amelia Whiteheart on The Swordcast Adventures. He is also the producer of The Swordcast Adventures as well as Help Action, and is the DM on The Swordcast Adventures plays Waterdeep Dragon Heist every other Wednesday evening on Twitch.tv/swordcastadventures.

Ethan has been playing D&D for about 9 years, and DMing for 8 of them. He started DMing at local game stores before setting off on his own to professionally DM. You can catch him as a DM for Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! And co-hosting on Help Action.

Matt has been playing D&D for more than 10 years, and DMing for half of that. Matt likes to run a less serious game that acknowledges how goofy and ridiculous D&D can be. You can find him co-hosting and co-creating Help Action.

Max has been playing D&D for about 20 years, giving each edition his attention. Since 2011 he has been working as a professional DM, which roughly means that he is paid money to tell stories to adults and they just keep asking him to come back. Our energetic boy here has DMed at a ton of publicly accessible groups and events in the Portland area; Adventure League at Guardian Games, Level Eater at the Bodecker Foundation, Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! at Game Knight Longue, and PAX West to name a few!

What the Hell is Our Podcast?

Some Dungeons and Dragons podcasts and shows are dedicated to actually playing the game, some are more about deep dives into rules and resources for players and some are entirely focused on breaking down every episode of Critical Role. Help Action wants to lend its sweet little hand to the DMs of the world, answering their questions and sorting out any binds they find themselves in no matter how… unique they may be.
We figured that these three sections would help the most.

  1. There are always new things arriving in the world of D&D and other RPGs, especially now that our beloved game is, much to my mom’s surprise, more popular than ever! From Unearthed Arcana articles and officially released material, to kick-ass handmade dice boxes and bags, they all deserve their time in the sun. Our intrepid hosts keep their eyes opened and ears to the ground for exciting and useful things that can spice up your games, giving you not only their own insights on them, but also where you can find them and support creators! To be fair we have a bias toward locally made products from our home state of Oregon, but supporting local creators is always a good idea!
  2. We recount fun and interesting things we have done in our own personal games since the last episode, or at least things we find fun and interesting. Each of us either run or play in several different campaigns each week, bring you a deep well of experience and crazy plays. This is us trying to drop our Bardic Inspiration on you, but you will have to be patient with us. SOME of us multi-classed.
  3. Since D&D is a game where you can do anything, there are naturally a ton of questions that need clearing up. Sometimes we strike gold, finding questions that are informative, helpful and creative! Other times, like D&D games are often so prone to becoming, we find questions that are a bit more off the rails. Each of these precious gifts deserves our honestly bespoke god damn touch. We craft for you, our loving public, answers that are both useful and original. No idea is a bad idea, or at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves.

Every once in a while we shake things up with new segments, like Guest Action where we bring folks from the Dungeons and Dragons community, Chain Lightning Round where we answer a barrage of questions with the first damn thing that comes to our mind, and Dire Shark Tank where we pitch out new RPG related business ideas to each other. We are always on the lookout for new ideas for segments on our show, so if you have a suggestion please let us know!

Where the Hell Can You Follow Us?

Do you have a question for us? A segment we should add? Do you want to scream into the void and get something off your chest? We got you. You can contact us on all major social media outlets or shoot us an email, the choice is entirely up to your age bracket! We also have a Discord server which we link in the description of each episode! You can also contact each of us individually on our own various accounts!

Facebook – Help Action

Twitter – @helpactionpod

Instagram – helpactionpodcast

Email – [email protected]

Dix – @JUSTtheDIX on Twitter and Facebook

Ethan – @QuickFlashRun on Twitter you_hate_my_life on Instagram and [email protected]

Matt – @UrbanWendigo on Twitter

Max – dungeonmastermax on Instagram, Dungeon Master Max on Facebook, @DungeonMsrtMax on Twitter and [email protected] for Emails!

Thank you all for checking us out and we all genuinely hope you like the show! We look forward to hearing from you and bringing you more and more in the future!

About The Author

Max Hobbs
Max Hobbshttps://help-action.com/
Max has been playing D&D for about 20 years, giving each edition his attention. Since 2011 he has been working as a professional Dungeon Master, for both private groups and several publicly accessible groups and events in the Portland area; Adventure League at Guardian Games, Level Eater at the Bodecker Foundation, Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! at Game Knight Longue, and PAX West to name a few!

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