Professional Dungeon Master's

Looking to hire a professional Dungeon Master? Hire a Help Action contributor for your next online campaign or local game night. Epic tales await! 


Justin Dixon

Location: Portland,OR & Online
Availability: Open

Max Hobbs

Location: Portland,OR & Online
Availability: Limited

Justin Giuliani

Location: Portland,OR & Online
Availability: Open

Why hire a professional DM?

Hiring a professional DM allows you and a group of friends to play an immersive, original game and be part of a unique storytelling experience. A professional Dungeon Master is there to do all of the work so you don’t have to. They have all the resources and knowledge needed to give you a fun, engaging story and are a great option for groups that are newer to the game and don’t have a DM. It’s also a great way to go for those times you want to give your DM a break and let them play the game with you instead. It can also save you from spending money on supplies like books, minis, maps and others, plus you don’t have to spend all the time it takes to read and set all that stuff up. All of this and more allows you and your friends the chance to  just play your game, relax, and have fun.

  • DM’s spend money on books and other resources so you don’t have to.
  • Great for groups that are newer to the game
  • Get an elevated experience from a practiced DM
  • Hassle free game nights

The experience you get from hiring a professional Dungeon Master should be one that you and your playgroup won’t soon forget. If it’s not, then what are you paying them for?! Intriguing, attention-grabbing storylines and epic edge of your seat battles you will keep you coming back for more. Start your next group with a professional Dungeon Master.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does hiring a Dungeon Master work?

It’s easy! Most Dungeon Masters that offer their services can be found online. Searching the term “DM for hire” can get you a lot of them. If you are looking for a local game you can try to search for a DM for hire in your area or you can look around in local forums and/or local ttrpg social media groups. You can always send us an inquiry below as well!

Is it expensive to hire a professional Dungeon Master?

This is always going to depend on the DM you hire. DMs will determine their own pricing but it generally works in two ways.

Per Session: This is usually for one-shot adventures or short term group meet ups like a learn to play package or summer camp style set up. Pricing usually stays the same regardless of group size.

Per Hour: This is for full campaign style games where the group meets up regularly, usually weekly, and does so until the campaign is finished. This price is generally paid per person and there will normally be an hourly minimum per session.


Do I need to know how to play D&D to hire a DM?

Absolutely not! Hiring a professional DM is a great way to learn the game. They have a solid knowledge base of the rules and are experienced enough that they know what works for them to run a smooth game. Some DM’s may offer a session 0, where they walk you through the character creation process, or they may provide pre-made characters so you can just sit down and play.

Is there a minimum amount of players I need to hire a DM?

This can also vary depending on the DM you hire. If a DM has a minimum it will most likely be listed with their basic info. Most likely a DM won’t run a game for less than 4 people, but it is realistic to expect to have at least 5 or 6.

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