Justin Dixon

Dix began his adventure into the world of D&D 4 years ago with a group of close friends. Being an avid gamer he had always wanted to start sooner but it just never worked out. Fast forward to today, and he will tell you he has found his calling. He now produces 2 D&D podcasts (Help Action and The Swordcast Adventures), DMs for the acclaimed Portland based pop-up tavern ORCS!ORCS!ORCS!, and is working on having his first set of content published. 

Dix has always been a huge fan of the fantasy genre since he was a kid and can run an amazing classic adventure. What he really takes pride in, however, are his horror themed games. He loves to build tension and leave people on the edge of their seats. He is available to run both online games and also in-the-flesh games for anyone in the Portland, OR area. He is great with groups of all ages and loves teaching new people how to play the game, making him great for groups of new players.


Hire one of our hosts for your next epic campaign! If your needs don’t match one of our listed options, please reach out to us anyways. We would love to hear what you are looking for and see if we can work with you to make it happen!

IRL Campaign

$ 40 /hr
Only available in the Portland OR area
  • 4-7 players
  • Full-length campaign
  • 4 hour minimum per session
  • Our best deal!

Online campaign

$ 50 /hr
Available to all
  • 4-7 players
  • Full-length campaign
  • 4 hour minimum per session
  • Run on Roll20

One-shot Adventure

$ 50 /hour
Available both IRL and online
  • 4-7 players
  • Perfect for new players
  • 4-6 hours of gameplay
  • Great for birthdays/gifts

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