About Help Action

Help Action is a DnD resource website dedicated to helping DMs master dungeons.

Justin "Dix" Dixon

Dix has been playing D&D for just about 5 years and has been a professional Dungeon master for the last six months. He is now a DM for the acclaimed pop up tavern Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! and plays Amelia Whiteheart on The Swordcast Adventures. He is also the producer of The Swordcast Adventures, Help Action, and the DM on The Swordcast Adventures plays Waterdeep Dragon Heist every other Wednesday evening on Twitch.tv/swordcastadventures.

Ethan Kingsley

Ethan has been playing D&D for about 9 years, and DMing for 8 of them. He tarted DMing at local game stores teaching kids D&D before setting off on his own to professionally DM. You can catch him as a DM for Orcs!Orcs!Orcs!, co-hosting on Help Action, and sometimes on twitch.tv/quickflashrun.

Matt Casperson

Matt has been playing D&D for more than 10 years, and DMing for half of that. Matt likes to run a less serious game that acknowledges how goofy and ridiculous D&D can be. You can find him co-hosting and co-creating Help Action.

Max Hobbs

Max has been playing D&D for about 20 years, giving each edition his attention. Since 2011 he has been working as a professional Dungeon Master, for both private groups and several publicly accessible groups and events in the Portland area; Adventure League at Guardian Games, Level Eater at the Bodecker Foundation, Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! at Game Knight Longue, and PAX West to name a few!