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In the fall of 2018, the Dungeons & Dragons charity event Level Eater held its first event in Portland, OR. Dix, being very new to the world of DMing, attended the event to get more involved with the local D&D community and that evening met Max Hobbs and the Orcs!Orcs!Orcs! crew for the first time. After hearing about everything they were doing in the community, Dix immediately knew he wanted to be involved in things like professional DMing and the pop-up taverns they were hosting. He mentioned that he was producing a live play podcast called The Swordcast Adventures when Max tells him he has been playing around with the idea of starting a podcast.

Fast forward 6 months to Max telling Dix he knows some people to start a show with, so the two of them get together with Matt Casperson and Ethan Kingsley and begin planning for the podcast that eventually became known as Help Action. They released their first episode in July of 2019 and began offering their D&D advice to anybody that would listen and interviewing celebrity guests and industry professionals. They eventually decided they wanted to get their advice and tips out to more people and thus started help-action.com creating the Help Action Network.

Sadly, for their own reasons both Matt and Ethan had to part ways from the show but Max and Dix were able to bring on their good friend Maclain Bartley to help them keep broadcasting their wise words to the masses. Today the Help Action Network focuses on providing advice, tips, news, and entertainment to the internet to help both dungeon masters and players have the best experience possible enjoying the games that we all love.



Justin "Dix" Dixon

Dix has been playing D&D for just over 7 years and has been a professional Dungeon master for the last six months. He is now a DM for the acclaimed pop up tavern Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! and plays Amelia Whiteheart on The Swordcast Adventures. He is also the producer of The Swordcast Adventures, Help Action, and the DM on The Swordcast Adventures plays Waterdeep Dragon Heist every other Wednesday evening on Twitch.tv/swordcastadventures.

Max Hobbs

Max has been playing D&D for about 20 years, giving each edition his attention. Since 2011 he has been working as a professional Dungeon Master, for both private groups and several publicly accessible groups and events in the Portland area; Adventure League at Guardian Games, Level Eater at the Bodecker Foundation, Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! at Game Knight Longue, and PAX West to name a few!

Maclain Bartley

Maclain is a barber and owner of Too Sweet Barbershop, but they are also a full-time D&D nerd! They have been playing D&D for about 5 years and DMing for 4 of those! They really enjoy immersive roleplaying and embrace the chaos of improv!

Our Network


A big part of D&D is the active community that interacts with each other to make the game even better. Our contributors help us enrich that community through articles, interviews, and resources that strive to make a better, more accessible game for everyone.

Justin Giuliani

Justin is an insanely talented professional Dungeon Master that provides articles, tips, and advice to help any DM run a smoother game of D&D.

Jordan Cruz

Jordan helps contribute article ideas, content marketing and copy editing.

Logan Fox

Logan contributes to the maintenance, QA and feature enhancements of the Help Action site.


want to help?

Becoming a content contributor for Help Action, above all else, is about improving the quality of resources available to the D&D community. Whether trying to introduce DMs to new tools or offering advice to help players feel more confident at the table, our goal is to help the community grow and have fun. Sharing your tips and advice is a great way to share with the community while also getting a chance to have your voice heard and recognized among the D&D community.