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Here at Help Action we are looking to provide help and advice for both new and veteran players of Dungeons & Dragons. We aim to give everyone the tools they need to run their best games possible and make sure they have the most fun they can. If you think you have something that could help us do that, and would like to see your contribution on our website, maybe you would like to consider becoming a content contributor?

Why Contribute Content?

Becoming a content contributor for Help Action, above all else, is about improving the quality of resources available to the D&D community. Whether trying to introduce DMs to new tools or offering advice to help players feel more confident at the table, our goal is to help the community grow and have fun. Sharing your tips and advice is a great way to share with the community while also getting a chance to have your voice heard and recognized among the D&D community.

Contributor Benefits

While we do not offer paid compensation for contribution, we aim to form lasting partnerships with D&D 

Benefits include:

  • Extending a helping hand while promoting yourself within the D&D community
  • Promotion of any D&D related projects
  • Help your content reach a wider audience
  • Contributor Block featuring your picture, a bio, and any links to projects and/or social media accounts
  • Listing on our DMs For Hire page

How Do You Contribute?

Please use the form below to give us a little more information about why you want to contribute for Help Action along with your experience as a dungeon master and the type of content you would like to contribute.

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