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Dungeons & Dragons has grown so vastly in popularity that it has curated such a love for its game and environments that more people than ever are creating their own content for it. From artists to writers and everyone in-between you can find new D&D content being released almost daily. Here is a project on Kickstarter that is sure to add plenty of magical delight to your 5th-Edition D&D games.


The name, Menagerie of Magic, says it all. This project is a book by Adam O’Brien from the UK who aims to release a collection of over 700 individual magic items for use in your D&D 5e games. It will include magic items of all kinds including weapons, armor, and accessories as well as 10 unique magic items exclusive to each race and class in the PHB. The magically infused items will range from the mundane to fantastical artifacts, sure to have something you can use for every situation.



The collection will also include original item sets, which are groups of items that will unlock their true potential when using all of the parts, and spirit beasts, special mounts that can be summoned from other planes whose abilities get stronger as your bond with it increases. Some of the items featured in the book include an Adamant Scale Vest, a Gauntlet of the Hunt, the Quarterstaff of Endless Knowledge, the Cyclops Circlet, and a Foil Helm of Conspiracies to help keep your mind safe, man!



This book promises over 200 pages stuffed with magic items for you and your players to enjoy and with a list of stretch goals to still get through could be even more. You can get a hardback copy of the book for about $33 (26 pounds), with options for a pdf version, or a pledge level that allows you to have an item of your design added to it for about $63 (50 pounds).

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This project was fully funded and raised over £250,000 after their initial goal of £10,000. That is almost 2,000% funding and unlocked a long list of stretch goals.

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Justin Dixon
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