Dungeon Craft Goes to Ravenloft

Dilapidated villages, walking houses, and massive castles filled with unknown horrors are just a few things that you can find in the dark lands of Barovia. Lucky for you 1985 Games has your back in bringing your Ravenloft setting to life with their latest Dungeon Craft set, Cursed Lands. Here at Help Action we are all big fans of Ravenloft and the Curse of Strahd campaign, so if you would like to hear us chat about it on one of our episodes you can click here!

Into the Mists of Ravenloft

Ravenloft has long been one of Dungeons and Dragons most loved settings, it’s no wonder that Curse of Strahd remains one of 5e’s most popular campaigns. So much so, it even got an updated release which came out last year with the Curse of Strahd Revamped box. Now, thanks to Dungeon Craft by 1985 Games we get another great asset to use in this famed campaign with their Cursed Land game pieces.

Beauty and Function

Dungeon Craft brings us quality crafted tiles of amazing original art for you to use as map and location pieces. The tiles are all printed on a thick glossy cardstock with artwork for a wide array of the locations you can find in the Curse of Strahd campaign book. It comes with old churches, castles, camps, haunted forests, tombs and more. Everything is printed on both sides with alternate versions of the tiles, so you can see the roof of a building and flip it over to see the inside, or cause a clean altar to be covered in blood, cause you know your players will do something to that altar when they find it. And when you need to add other things they do, you can use the glossy finish on the tiles to write on with either wet or dry erase markers, so convenient!

Discover the Domains of Dread

Not only is the Cursed Lands set tailored for the Curse of Strahd campaign, but it comes just in time for Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft from Wizards of the Coast. Van Richten’s guide takes a deeper look into the domains of Ravenloft and the Darklords that rule them. That means the Cursed Lands tiles will work perfectly for this new content as well! Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft will even include a new adventure for DM’s to run, a great way to put your new Dungeon Craft tiles to use. It will also come with rules and guidelines for designing your own Domains of Dread and the Darklords to inhabit them. Then you can use your tiles to design your own adventures and custom locations for your games.

So I guess what I am trying to say is, get these Cursed Lands tiles! They make putting together a map on the fly quick and easy and is a must have addition to the toolkit of any DM looking to run Curse of Strahd or anything set in the realm of Ravenloft. 

You can pick up the Cursed Lands Dungeon Craft tiles from 1985 Games by clicking right here!

If you want to hear four idiots give their deeper thoughts on them, you can listen to our episode ‘Pulp Friction’ by using the link.

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