6 of the Most Expensive D&D Dice Sets 2022

With the popularity of Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop games, it’s no question the trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon. As more and more people journey to the mystical realms of their DM’s creation, the demand for more dice rises. These days having the perfect set of dice to match your character is almost as important as having a character. Tabletop fanatics are looking for the best dice made from the best materials, always trying to up their game to become the supreme dice goblin. Hang on to your coin purse, because the dice you’re about to see is going to do some serious damage.

In my other article, 7 of the Most Expensive Dice Sets, I highlight some of the most expensive dice you can find. Here you will find worthy additions to that list that would make any dice collector jealous.


5. Custom Ocean Dice by URWizards

The dice we have in our first spot are these pretty-looking custom Ocean Dice from URWizards. These dice are made from blue sandstone and feature a nice curvy font and a special sea turtle design on the d20. This is a full set of 7 dice with most of them at 16 mm each and the d12 and d20 at 18 mm. These dice are made to order and take about 1.5-3 weeks to process before they ship out. You can purchase these baby blues by visiting their website here. If you think these dice are expensive, buckle up because we’re just getting started.

Price: $900


2. Memento Mori Polyhedral Set by Artisan Dice

Known for making luxury dice with rare materials, Artisan Dice makes it onto the list again with another dice set, this time with a material that is a bit more macabre. The Memento Mori dice set is made from real human bones that they sourced from retired skeletons that were once used in medical universities. To make this set even more worthy of the finest collection, the numbers on each die are inlaid with sterling silver. Every set comes in its collectible box perfect for putting these beauties on display. You can check out these dice and others made from strange, rare materials at Artisan Dice.

Price: $2,691


3. True Metal Dice Sets by Norse Foundry

Norse Foundry has also found its way back onto my list and there is no doubt that they’ve earned it. The true metal dice series is truly a thing of beauty with sets made from different metals like copper, bronze, and stainless steel, but two sets stand out among the rest. First is the Tungsten Nimbus dice, which you can see pictured here with this entry. The nimbus dice are a popular style of dice that feature a numbered die that sits within a cage that allows the die to “float” inside of it. The other is the Silver Truemetal dice which feature Norse Foundry’s runic-inspired numbers. Both of these sets share the same hefty price tag that will put a dent in both your wallet and your tabletop. You can check out the Tungsten Nimbus dice by using this link here and the Silver Truemetal dice with this link here.

Price: $4,000


4. 14kt Solid Gold Skull Dice With Diamonds by Sterling Kisses

Ever wanted to own a set of dice so nice you’d never want to roll them? Well, look no further because Sterling Kisses has you covered these solid gold skull dice sets with real diamonds. It is a set of two six-sided dice that are a bit smaller than your normal-sized dice at just over 10 mm. Each die weighs 11.2 grams before it is set with 21 individual diamonds adding .60 total carat weight to them. These two dice come shipped in their gift box and include a polishing rag to get them gleaming and sparkling. You can find these on the Sterling Kisses Etsy store, but you can also check out their other creations at SterlingKisses.com.

Price: $7,000


5. Solid 9ct White Gold Polyhedral Set by Casting Boutique

This set comes in as the second most expensive set on this list, but it is also the first to beat out the most expensive die on my previous list, the 2nd-century Roman glass d20, which sold for almost $18,000 to a museum. This set is said to be made of solid white gold and the seller, Casting Boutique, claims to use no fillers and guarantees no hollow centers. However, these are to be made custom to order, so as far as I can tell a set of these dice has not been made yet, but, they are available for sale. As you can see they don’t have a picture available for these dice either but at the link below you can find a picture that a customer provided of a similar set made of pure sterling silver, which in their review they say are very pleased with the results. You can see more of the most expensive dice I’ve seen for sale in the Casting Boutique Etsy store.

Price: $18,587.36


6. Master Set by Precision Play Dice

The most luxurious dice on any of my lists so far, the Master Set from Precision Play Dice boasts an astounding array of materials that all bring this collection together. These dice start with a combined weight of 117 grams of 14k Gold and then add 54 “Gypsy” set VS-F grade diamonds totaling 1 ct. in stone weight. The extravagance doesn’t stop there as the box they are stored in is milled from a solid piece of Amboyna Burl and a velvet inlay with a light under each of the seven dice. The total of the materials in the dice are worth $19,500 with the storage box being worth an additional $1,350. This set is one of a kind and not for sale but a duplicate order would sell for $32,000. The price for such a commission could be adjusted up or down by choosing different types of materials for the final product. You can commission information and view more of their available products at Precision Play Dice.

Price: $32,000

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